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Pendants VS Lockets: What is the difference and how to wear each one?

by Brian Rose on Apr 24, 2022

Pendants VS Lockets: What is the difference and how to wear each one?

There is one popular misconception in the jewelry department. People often make the mistake of thinking that the pendants and the lockets are the same things. However, as they might be relatable to each other, they are different. Both the pendant and the locket are a piece of jewelry. As such, they are hung to a chain and worn around the neck. So, the one thing in common that these two pieces have is that they are worn around the neck, but what is the thing that makes them different? As specialized in pendants and lockets, Ashur Jewelry brings you all you need to know about the pendants, lockets, and how to wear each one of them.

What is a pendant?

In its most basic form, the pendant is a term that comes from the Latin word "Pendere". It means "to hang down". As a piece of jewelry, the pendant has a small loop that is suspended from a bracelet, earring, or chain. The pendant earrings are known as chandelier earrings. For the bracelets, they are known as charms, and when it comes to the necklaces, they are just pendants, looped to a chain.

People started wearing pendants somewhere around the Stone Age. Back then, the pendants were just an object that would be teeth or nails, or something other gathered from wild animals like tigers, lions, or wild boars. The pendants also were stones and shells. As a primitive practice of adorning amulets, the pendants became a sort of talisman that was worn around a neck. There were the huge pendants studded with gemstones that were worn by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt.

The Greeks were also known for wearing pendants, and the records show that it was around 600 BC. It was no earlier than 300 BC when the initial pendant pieces had the form of shells and animals. From then onward, they mastered the art of making colored jewelry. All of that was done by using amethyst, pearls, and emerald. It was just them when the pendant was used as a piece of jewelry. This type of jewelry, at first, had the motifs of cats and dogs, and later, there were birds, insects, and fish. Today's pendants include everything from the zodiac, alphabets, and other details making them suitable for daily wear.

What is a locket?

A locket is also a pendant, but with one main difference – it has a storage space. As such, it comes in lots of different sizes and shapes. It can be found in round, oval, or flat form, with a hinged cover. The locket is also known to be a sentimental piece of jewelry. Back in time, women wore pendants hung on a gold or silver chain. Today, they can be worn even on a wrist, hanging from a bracelet. The main meaning of the locket is to hold a memento. It can be a small photograph, a miniature portrait, and even a lock of hair. These lockets are made from precious metals and most often come as engraved, enameled, and even with gemstones.

From a historic point of view, the lockets were worn in the Middle ages. Back then, they were recognized as devotional or reliquary jewelry. In the 16th century in Britain, their purpose was upgraded and they were given as a token of love for being in the Queen's service. Unlike the pendants, the popularity of the lockets slightly falls during the 18th and the 19th century. However, they came back in the 21st century and they are still very popular today.

The nostalgic jewelry trend

The nostalgic jewelry trend is one of the biggest jewelry trends that dominates the accessories fashion scene. With that being said, the lockets and pendants are definitely in the focus as a vintage-inspired jewelry trend that is currently on the rise. The modern take on this trend goes beyond the traditional and the well-known oval and heart-shaped forms. The new and the fresh forms are revived through the interpretations that lead to pieces with a more modern and contemporary touch and tone. 

When it comes to new trends with a nostalgic tone, in the jewelry department, the vintage jewelry piece still holds and carries a sense of character and charm. That is particularly what makes them feel and look rare. But the fresh touch of modern design and creativity brings something totally new and unexpected, reviving these vintage jewelry pieces.  So, there is no better time than to dive deeper into this jewelry trend and find out which are the current trends that will make wearing pendants and lockets so fashionable.

Yellow gold

Yellow gold has made a comeback during the last year, and it is still going strong as a trend this year too. For those looking for some extraordinary and fresh jewelry pieces, the locket or pendant in yellow gold is a pretty interesting option. The options vary from ultra-sleek, oversized, or even unique shapes of the lockets and pendants, making them perfect for layering. A great piece that will fit your style is The Helena Yellow Gold Pendant.


The diamond lockets look very luxurious. No matter whether they are accentuated with one stone or more, they will provide a luxurious appearance. The Elise Diamond Teardrop Locket will leave everyone in awe.

Heart shape

If there is one special shape that has made a comeback on the accessories market, that is the heart shape. The heart has always been a symbol of love. For all those willing to add some hearts to their jewelry looks, The Aries Heart Shaped Locket is something fresh and new.

Astrological signs

Another big jewelry detail that is coming back is astrological sign pendants and lockets. The new and sophisticated vibe behind this jewelry trend will make it a particularly great option for all those looking for something new and original, and still keep it to their astrological sign. The Zoe Astrological Pendant delivers something elegant and chic.

Pendants and lockets are jewelry pieces that are more than enough to reinvent your jewelry style. For more inspiration and options, be sure to check the wide offer at Ashur Jewelry.


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