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Stylish tips on wearing white gold and yellow gold jewelry.

by Brian Rose on May 01, 2022

Stylish tips on wearing white gold and yellow gold jewelry.

Jewelry and clothes are a duo that is dependent on one another. As part of the fashion industry, the clothes, and the accessories, in this case, jewelry, are set to work together to provide a complete and full look. Although the clothes might be necessary, the jewelry is not. That is why it comes as an accessory – a way to and option to make the fashion outfit look more ready and done.

Through the years, both the fashion and the jewelry trends have changed a lot. These changes are a constant pointer that there is always something new to be seen and explored. Also, with the return of some of the trends, they show us that the strength of that particular trend is so important that it has come back in the present day. Be as it is, the fashion and the accessories department will continue to work and coexist together.

When it comes to jewelry there are so many different options that modern and contemporary women can explore. You can never go wrong with the yellow gold and the white gold jewelry. Since the earliest time, gold jewelry has been perceived and received as the most demanded and desired option. Is a cheaper option than diamonds for example and some other precious stones, as well as a very appropriate option for all those looking for a daily piece of jewelry. But, like everything else connected with fashion and trends, the color of the jewelry does need to work with the color of the clothes and the entire outfit. That is why we at Ashur Jewelry are bringing you some of the best tips and suggestions on how to color-coordinate your white gold and yellow gold jewelry with your clothes.

5 colors and outfits to wear with your yellow gold jewelry

The color of the jewelry and the color of the outfit play a great and huge role in establishing and achieving a full, modern, and contemporary fashion look. That is why the fashion critics suggest that paying attention to the styling of the jewelry and matching it with the outfit is something that can make or break an outfit. Yellow gold jewelry, for example, has been present on the market for a very long time. It has had some ups and downs in terms of popularity, but currently, it is back on the fashion scene, and it is very popular. But, in this modern world and the abundance of styling choices, one can easily get lost in the best ways of styling yellow gold jewelry. So, to help you all with that, here is a list of some of the best and most suitable colors and fashion garments that will look great paired with your gold jewelry:


Yellow gold jewelry and black clothes are a combination that you can simply never go wrong with. Black is a neutral color, and as such, it creates a wonderful contrast with the yellow gold jewelry. It is also a nice way to dress up and outfit. For example, a black dress with a straight collar will look great will yellow gold earrings. Or a satin V-neck shirt with black pants is a wonderful base for wearing a yellow gold pendant necklace. Our suggestion is The Helena yellow gold pendant.

Emerald green

Emerald green is a very appealing color. It is also considered to be one of the royalty's favorites. It is both fun and subtle, elegant, and chic. The emerald green is the perfect option for a formal gown or dress, and in this case, it will look extremely great paired with eye-catching yellow gold earrings.


When it comes to jewelry and fashion trends, silver on silver simply does not work. So, the next best thing is the yellow gold jewelry. It will create a fashion and eye-catching look, and contrast that is far from expected. The best way to successfully nail this color combination is to go with a silver top and pair it with a dominating yellow gold necklace, locket, or a pendant.


However, when it comes to gold, the situation is not the same. Gold on gold is the suggested look and it does not require any experimenting. So, if you are going with a gold short mini-dress for example, the yellow gold pendant or locket is your go-to jewelry option. 


As the trends have changed, so has the matching jewelry color for the red outfit changed. Now, instead of white gold, yellow gold is the expected and suggested jewelry color. If you are wearing some trendy women's pantsuit with a wrap-up top, a yellow gold pendant or necklace will complete the look. You can add yellow gold earrings too. 

5 colors and outfits to wear with white gold jewelry

Just like with the yellow gold jewelry, there are certain colors and outfits that go better and deliver a better look. Here are the 5colros and outfits that you can wear with white gold jewelry:


Just as same as with yellow gold jewelry, white gold jewelry is a suitable and practical option for clothes. It is a great option for daily jewelry pick. A black blazer or a black top with a V-neck opening will look great with a teardrop locket or pendant necklace. The Elise is a chic and unexpected option that will elevate your look.

Dark Navy

Dark Navy is a wonderful option for those looking for something more fashionable but not so expected as black. It is a color choice suitable for all seasons. A silk blouse or a dress in navy would look extremely elegant and chic paired with white gold stud earrings and a necklace.


Cream clothes are a bit difficult to pair with jewelry. But if you are going for a head-to-toe cream look, then white gold jewelry is the best option. For a casual style, pick a white gold pendant or locket like The Ellington  Crustal Locket.


Contrary to the red, burgundy has darker and deeper tones, that look better with white gold jewelry. A burgundy dress, a casual burgundy top, or even a blazer will open up the look and outfit with a white gold necklace and a bracelet.


Pink is a delicate color to jewelry coordinate, but the white gold jewelry will deliver a polished and clean look.  If you are wearing a strapless top with wide-leg pants, let the white gold pendant or locket dominate your neck. Our suggestion is The Zoe Astrological pendant

And there you have it! Be bold and determined in your fashion choices and pick the best jewelry pieces from Ashur Jewelry.

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