About Ashur

Imagine our bodies and energies have a long string of numbers like an equation that is unique to us. Certain crystals and stones hold the power to alter, enhance, or change the frequency that our body resonates. They can hold powers like healing, bringing certain attributes to us, and enhancing aspects. This allows us to resonate with the energy field of the universe and work with our frequency.

The name Ashur comes from Assyrian, in the 3rd millennium, he originated from the city of Ashur and was said to be one of the most important deities of the southern pantheon. These people believed that conquered people had been abandoned by their own gods, rather than requiring conquered groups to take up the beliefs of Ashur. Assyrian scribes began to write Ashur’s name with the cuneiform signs of AN.SHAR, which means “whole heaven” in Akkadian.

The symbols for Ashur include several different iterations, including a winged disc with enclosing four circles revolving around a middle circle with rippling rays falling from either side of the disc. He is often seen carrying a bow and raising his hand to bless his worshippers. The legend of the bow is that in times of difficulty, Ashur will assure people of his comfort and will come to their side and assist them in their struggles. The bow is their protection and also a tuning fork for the frequencies that we naturally hold, while bringing what you’re looking for to you. Ashur is a solar deity, so he holds the power and energy of the sun that helps bring the light and the good towards you.

Ashur Jewelry

Ashur Jewelry focuses on the luxuries and designs of jewelry, while also paying close attention to the natural frequency of each specific gemstone. Each crystal radiates stable frequency energy that emits positive vibration around you—that can transform you. The Herkimer diamonds included in each locket have a powerful frequency that can expand your positive aura into something fresh and optimistic. The amplification increases the personality traits that you were lacking.

Gain the full advantage of your brain and body through Ashur Jewelry. Herkimer diamonds hold the power to help you make changes, face your problems, and heal your body. Crystals can change your brain’s frequency from Alpha to Beta and teach you to think straight. Since most of your complications arise from your brain when you wear Ashur Jewelry the crystals help you can make the right decisions.

Crystals can change the way you think, and they can also heal the frequencies of individual organs and parts of your body. Different parts of your body hold their own frequencies and will heal individually with specific stones. Gemstones can be the perfect, most harmless solution to manage your problems—ranging from control over your anger issues to back pains. Ashur gives you full assistance on a variety of gemstones and their frequency rate so you can develop the will to tackle your problems and be a better version of yourself.

Whether physical or mental complications, you can gain control over your challenges through crystals and gemstones that create a positive atmosphere by softly and positively altering your frequency. Eventually, your body will adjust to being more in tune with the vibration of your frequency.

Ashur doesn’t just create jewelry; Ashur creates a beneficial healing experience for each individual jewelry bearer. It’s time you begin your healing journey.

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