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How to pick your jewelry based on the occasion?

by Brian Rose on May 07, 2022

How to pick your jewelry based on the occasion?

The pendant necklaces, in this case, are something that women seem hard to part ways when it comes to day wear. Whether it is a quick errand, a walk in the park, or just a daily outing, the pendant necklaces are a common and frequent jewelry choice that can be seen in many women. The most common option is a pendant with a letter initial or an astrological sign. Not only do they look great and interesting, but they carry a special meaning and vibe to the one wearing them. Such necklaces and pendants are a piece of jewelry that women simply do not take off and they look good with any type of clothes – sporty, leisure, casual. Also, one of the latest jewelry trends supports necklace layering, which can easily be done with pendant necklaces too. You will just need to set different lengths for each of the pieces. Do not go with more than three pendant necklaces, because it will simply look too much.

A great layering option from Ashur jewelry is the astrological sign pendant that you can easily combine and match.

Office wear

When it comes to office wear and the proper attire, the jewelry choices need to be made very carefully. Why is that? Well, first of all, some jewelry simply does not fit into the atmosphere of the working environment. The second thing is that they can have a negative impact on productivity. You may wonder how? Well, for example, if you are doing a lot of typing at work, huge rings can interfere with that. The same applies to the big, voluminous, and dangling earrings, which can be a trouble if you are wearing headphones. However, when it comes to meetings and presentations, then, some more appealing jewelry can be a great choice. Necklaces, chains, and pendants are simply a choice that you can never go wrong with. No matter if you are wearing a turtleneck top, shirt, or dress with a V-neck or boat neckline, these are the pieces of jewelry that will add to your look and make you present yourself in the best possible light.


Partywear and jewelry are definitely a personal choice. Through the change of time and trends, party jewelry has shifted from anything subtle and discreet to big and voluminous. Women today have the opportunity to create and decide what their party style would be, which sometimes comes pretty close to some upgraded level of casual or semi-formal wear. Whichever the case, when it comes to partywear everything is allowed. Big earrings, stacked bracelets, layered necklaces, etc. will create an outstanding look. For those who prefer to keep it only to one jewelry piece or option, then, the lockets and pendant necklaces are a choice that will add some shine and intrigue to the look. A great look can be achieved with a silk blouse, ripped jeans and heels, and as a jewelry addition – an appealing necklace. It is more than enough to complete the look and make the entire outfit suitably dosed and toned to the latest fashion trends and the occasion itself.

Formal wear

Formal wear usually comes with a dress code for formal events. As such, it does require an elegant style, outfit and the entire look should be suitable and appropriate. Although the clothes play an extremely important part in nailing the look, the jewelry choices need to be on point too. Wearing a gown is the most suitable choice for such formal events, and the most suitable and expected types of jewelry are flashy earrings or a large neckpiece. However, these two do not go well together since they will look just too much. In this case, opt for a chain necklace, or teardrop pendant necklace that will fill out the bare neck and the strapless front of the dress. The case is the same if you are wearing a women's tuxedo or pantsuit. It is important to keep the number of jewelry pieces for such occasions between 1 and 3.

Semi-formal wear

The jewelry choices for the semi-formal outfits and wear can be a bit delicate and confusing. That is because such occasions are not either too formal or too informal. The look is something that falls just in between, so the jewelry needs to be dosed accordingly so that it does not stand out or stand down. So, for the semi-formal events, there is an opportunity to play with the jewelry picks and do some mixing. For example, a great combo is cuff bracelets paired with a fancy ring. The hoop earrings are also a very popular choice that is very suitable.

Picking the right type of jewelry not only depends on the occasion, but it also needs to match your fashion style. If you are a fan of necklaces, then, at Ashur jewelry you will find an abundance of choices that you can frequently switch through different outfits and for different occasions. The chain, pendants, and the lockets are classic necklace pieces that you can easily incorporate into every outfit and for a suitable occasion. Whether going with the one with your astrological sign or simply a pendant, your jewelry game will be strong. Opt for one piece or layer them as you wish and as the occasion allows. Necklaces do not go out of style and they will always be trendy and fashionable, no matter which one you pick. If you need some bling, we have got you covered. The shiny pendants filled with shimmery stones will resemble the look of some heavy and expensive neckpiece.

Be sure to check our wide offer at Ashur Jewelry and stock on some pieces that will become your go-to jewelry choice.  

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